Sex should be pleasurable, and any position that is not comfortable should be done away with. However, if you have sex in such positions that feel uncomfortable for you, there is a solution to that. There are several comfortable positions which you can try with your partner, be it your wife, husband, or escorts. You will surely enjoy these sex positions listed below.

Sitting on pillow top

The pillow should be placed underneath the pelvis. By doing this, you will be in a position to increase support as well. Your knees should then be bent, and at the same time, your pelvis should be brought upwards. The legs should then be spread apart for enough thrusting. This position is the best for clitoris stimulation; it also allows a woman to control the level of penetration.

Side cuddle

This can be done by facing each other or lie in a way that permits penetration. To control the speed with this position, you should use your buttocks for that. You should also be in a position to make your partner remain still as the two of you move at your own pace as well as control the penetration depth.

Face plant

If the penetration is bringing nothing but a lot of pain to you, then this is the position to go for. This is a very straight forward position. The man is supposed to lie on his back as his partner kneels next to his ears so that the woman’s parts as over the man’s face.

Lean into me

This can be done by leaning against a table or a chair. The two should then face each other, and you should be able to decide between you who will be holding the others butt. And who will hook his or her leg around the other. This is done to get support.

By following these simple and comfortable positions, it is certain that you will get to enjoy your sex with your adult partner. You do not want to miss enjoying sex because of some uncomfortable positions; this is the time to take control of your intimate life and make each other happy with these positions. However, when trying these positions, you must first ensure that the two of you agree on it, do not introduce a position which your partner does not agree with, this might just interfere with your sex life, which is not a good thing for a couple.

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